Arras New Hospital
ARRAS HOSPITAL CENTRE New hospital (587 beds) A HOSPITAL IN A PARK The Arras Hospital is strategically located at the outskirts of the historic city in a landscaped park. Today, the entire site has turned its back on the city. This project represents a wonderful opportunity to reverse the situation. The access ways will be clearly connected to the Boulevard and the building will face the historic Centre. These exchanges will be reinforced by having a bus stop in the hospital park itself, for access to the building. A MODULAR BUILDING The new hospital will be comprised of three buildings: one building for lodging, a technical centre and an administrative centre. Lodging will be the symbol: a large glass blade set forward and placed in the park. The building’s spatial design combines the requirements of a hotel with the flexibility of constant change. Each floor is a great modular plateau incorporating strategic and structural elements, such as care centres and logistic clusters. The plateaus will be ventilated by three large patios, which thrust the park inside the hospital itself. A DYNAMIC FAÇADE The light façade will blend with the environment by both reflecting the trees and through its function. It will be comprised of adjustable glass vanes cladding the building and creating a ventilated buffer zone between the inside and the outside. These vanes will close in winter and conduct the natural heat of the sun. In summer the vanes will be open to ventilate the inner façades and prevent excess heating. Competition, Winning project June 2002 Lot 1 delivery: February 2007 Lot 2 delivery: May 2008 Client: C.H. of Arras Operation leader: Aeprim / Oger International Architects: Groupe 6, representative Design office: Jacobs Landscaper: Pierre-Yves Jorcin Area: 75 000 m²


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