Armley Park
Armley Park, or Gott's Park, is a large public park situated next to Stanningley Road in Armley, Leeds, England. The park stretches from Armley all the way down the hill to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, near the canal the park turns to dense woodland. The park has many amenities, including:
  • Football pitches.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Basketball courts.
  • Children's playground.
  • Municipal Gardens.
The park is sometimes referred to as Gott's park after the famous industrialist Benjamin Gott who was born, lived, died and was buried in Armley. The park contains Gott's Municipal Golf Course, which is on the side of the hill and consequently has some staggering holes. The park has several grade II listed features including;
  • The gate piers at the entrance on Stanningley Road.
  • The War Memorial.
  • The Fountain and associated plaques.