Arkitema House

Arkitema’s domicile, a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic urban property and infill building, is located in Frederiksgade in Aarhus city centre, where urban properties of various ages stand side by side. The building has been designed on the basis of the desire for physical surroundings that would support both our project-based platform and the company's values: openness, inclusiveness and relaxation.

Upon entering the foyer on the first floor, the visitor experiences the ethos of both the building and the company via the triple-height atrium that links the house vertically. The atrium reveals the building’s dynamics and activity, and secures universal transparency. The value that the company places on openness is underlined by the almost free-floating glass meeting boxes, and by the transverse walkways, from where there is visual contact with both the atrium and the open-plan offices.

The top floor, which houses the canteen and roof terrace, provides a magnificent view of the city's towers and roofs.

At Arkitema, a good indoor climate is partly secured through natural ventilation. Exterior blinds are concealed in the building’s horizontal facade bands. These bands also contain a quantity of air that can be drawn into the building, where it can be used for ventilation and to cool the open-plan offices.


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