The “ARK` project was worked out on the basis of great experience of the UIA Work Programme “Disasters relief`. It implies the creation of a biospheric construction with an autonomous life support system. Building in areas without energy sources, in high seismic activity areas and also in the areas of possible World ocean level rise (the ability of a building to float and to exist autonomously on the surface). The size of a building in the plan is 40x60 m, the height of a superstructure – 30 m. The building has a domical structure with central support (in the form of torus segment). Self-contained power supply – building design as a single grid by means of multiple use of alternative, solar, wind energy sources, heat of building environment and thermal energy coming in an under dome space and accumulating in three-level temperature heat storage, electric and hydrogen accumulators (due to transformation of thermal and electric energy) for a regular power supply irrespective of environment condition. Universality – open planning and adaptation of a building to different functions (residential, production building, public place). Biospheric structure - planting of greenery in internal spaces to output oxygen and pick up carbonic acid; creation of natural environment inside the building. Ecological compatibility – reduction of CO2 emission, technology control, influencing the ozone layer, rain-water collection and utilization, recycling of wastes by explosive boiling and anoxic pyrolysis. Economy – quick fabric due to both standard precast elements and new superlight building materials. Manufacturability – interlinking engineering services control and creation of comfortable microclimate. Attractiveness of a building, harmonizing with nature.


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