Arison Medical Tower
Recognize as one of Israel's most distinguished Center of Professional Excellence, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is imbarking on a comprehensive development plan. A project launched through an international competition. Lerman Architects and U.S architects CANNON wining design positions the institution to meet ths region's healthcare challenges of the future on an especially prominent city center site 500 meters from city hall. The Arison Medical Tower will soar twelve-stories above an pr-existing facility it will offer operational efficiency and functionality for 650 beds. The design integrates into the urban site, in its form and shapes, the basic forms existing on site, thereby creating a landmark within the skyline of the city and a public focal point at a major intersection As the function of patient care units was invetigated, strong consideration was given to having paired identical units support staff training and flexibility. The muti-story Tower accommodate 2 to 3 departments on each floor. The floor plans are based on a repetitive floor plate, individually developed to accommodate the specific requirements of the different departments. Exceptional flexibility is achieved by consolidating fixed electro-mechanical spaces in a central position in each floor. Our engineering design emphasis is focused on delivering cost-effictive systems that optimize performance efficiency and are also economical to operate throughout their life. Daylighting will be used whenever possible. Natural light and outside views provide patients with the inspiration of sunlight and connect them emotionally to the outside world. The building has become one of Tel Aviv most known lend-mark.


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