Arena Shopping and Entertainment Center

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Arena Shopping and Entertainment Center
Shopping and entertainment center “Arena` “Arena` shopping and entertainment center is located in the Voronezh city with ca. 1 million of inhabitants in the south-western region of Russian Federation. It is a regional shopping center located on the Boulevard Pobiedy in a densely inhabited part of the town. The plot is a corner plot that closes the quarter. The building uses an opportunity to be very well visible and to be a strong accent when entering the district. Nearby park is a nice supplement to the building’s shopping program with an outdoor entertainment. The challenge was to create a simple and modest building that would be tailor fit to the needs of investor and the inhabitants of the district. It was important to design a place that would become a family destination thus a proper scale, natural lighting, understandable and clear plan and functions that would suit every family member. It’s a four level building of 65 000sqm of GBA with an open parking lot for 670PP located in front of façade. GLA exceeds 56 000sqm and includes 150 shops, 12 restaurants, supermarket with 1500sqm of selling area, furniture market with 7000sqm of selling area and also multiplex cinema with 7 cinema halls for 850 seating places and a kid’s entertainment zone for 750sqm. Three levels of the shopping functions are easily accessible from the looped mall. Series of classical atriums provides the good visibility of all the floors and guarantees the usage of natural light in the interior. The central point of the mall is a three storey atrium with a terrace floors receding for to create an arena impression. The small scene for occasional events is located on the ground floor. The whole atrium becomes also the entrance zone of the building and is nicely visible from outside through the glass façade. The main Façade is shaped smoothly on the arc plan with an entrance and atrium located centrally; the protruding box of the cinema underlines the entertainment function. Simple materials used for façade finishing like steel panels and tiling are compensated with several details like arced canopy along the whole main façade, and protruding glass wall of the main entrance, creating an image of accessible and human friendly family shopping center.


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