Architonic Concept Space III
The final design of Architonic Concept Space has been proposed by Oskar Zieta and presented at 2010 imm cologne. The main requirements were the structure to be modular, adaptable to varying stand sizes, easy to set up and dismantle times and times again, convenient to transport from one place to another. In response, Zieta decided to present the newly developed FiDU (Freie InnenDruck Unformung) technique in an architectural context. This highly flexible technology, in which precision-cut and welded sheet metal sections are blown up under high pressure to form three-dimensional shapes, could almost have been created specially for this demanding task.

The result is a knot, a modular structure consisting of identical, inflated sheet metal modules. They can be arranged in numerous ways depending on the function they were assigned. The core of the entire construction are the connecting points which bind the whole structure and distribute the forces, stabilizing the installation in all directions.  

‘Berta’ chair by Alexander Gufler (AT)

‘KKC a House with a Alley’ by no.555 Architectural
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