Arcade Boutique
High-end, exclusive fashion meets retail in a carefully curated shop designed by David Montalba. By bringing much-needed light and a sensuous material qualities to the new store, Montalba reflects the retailer’s vision and supports her unique business approach.

When Rochelle Gores, the discerning and sophisticated daughter of a private equity pioneer, conceived her upscale Arcade boutique set to open on the Melrose strip of West Hollywood, she chose the design-focused and already noteworthy architect David Montalba to give shape to her vision.

Montalba and his firm, Montalba Architects Inc. are responsible for some of L.A.’s most exquisite retail shops, including the Monique Lhuillier boutique in Beverly Hills and the Neil Lane jewelry store. The young Santa Monica-based firm has produced commercial, retail, and residential works in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, winning a variety of prestigious design honors along the way. Montalba’s work includes progressive, upscale and modish interior experiences as well as architecture and urban planning.
Yet it was the architect’s sensitivity to Arcade’s needs – and his deep experience in the retail sector – that proved the perfect match of designer and patron.

Gores interviewed several architects, but she and Montalba, who have each spent
significant time abroad, connected because he was just as interested in her business plan as he was in designing her shop.

The store was conceived with a row of sculpted walnut displays with built-in lighting.
It was to be Gores’s first retail venture, and she had high expectations for what
she wanted to create. Montalba’s signature is to create spaces that are visionary and conceptual yet meet the practic...


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