Arbor 15

'arbor 15', an open air pergola structure for a single family residence in moscow, russia has been designed 
by russian practice kerimov prishin architects and executed in collaboration with a local television network. 
the floor plan and semantic differentiation of 3 zones includes the 'kitchen-furnace', 'dining room-drawing room' 
and 'terrace-scene'. the 'kitchen-furnace' is a uniform block consisting of a table-top under which boxes, cases and 
furnaces are stored within two niches, including a brazier and samovar. formed into a monolithic concrete surface, 
the space also accommodates tea preparation with a separate flue. the cool color palette is countered with a basket 
filled with cones and the brass vessels.

the 'dining room-drawing room' is identified by a long console table behind which the family can gather. structurally the piece 
is a metal skeleton sheathed with wood and fixed at one end to a pedestal which, in turn, is continuation of a concrete foundation. 
adjacent to the table are open regiments for storage of every possible utensil. the fixed element may not be transferred, changed, 
cleaned, it is an integral architectural object, the structure's 'heart'. the 'terrace-scene' is a multipurpose space which transfers 
activity during hot weather to an outdoor deck to sunbathe and drink tea on cozy padded stools. during the evenings, the slatted 
facade may be opened with a series of bifold doors in addition to a curtain to host performances prepared by children. garden chairs
become the impromptu audience for the summer theater. additional curtains contribute to an air of drama, allowing the young actors 
to make their entrance upon the stage as their performance begins.


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    So proud!
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