Arbeiterkammer Wien
The extension of the building, which is listed under architectural heritage, was carried out in form of a new development in the courtyard with a direct connection to the already existing entity of the late 1950s Arbeiterkammer building. The Overall refurbishment of the existing main building with its side-wings, the construction of a new annex and also new top floors to comply with the need for more space in direct spatial relation to the main building was an architectural framework. The main issue of a functional concept is a complete separation of the advisory centre from the offices due to its high visitor frequency. A single-floor structure at ground level contains the entrance hall and three pavilions of the advisory centre, which provide comfortable, bright rooms and enough privacy for those who seek advice. Above rises a six-floor office structure called “backpack` parallel to the main building. It is aligned to the existing structure through transparent spatial arrangement within a three metres wide vertical foyer that connects the old and the new parts of the building. Through these space of exchange and moving, which has different flying boxes for meetings and bridges positioned like the islands in the see, one overlooks the coming and going at all levels. As a large showcase in the first floor, the bright open dining room celebrates the collective sense of community and provides a lovely view of the garden. All the office walls are glazed, only the gray, red or white coloured wooden doors organized after a random system, provide screens for the employees. The hallway between the office-cells was turned into a multifunctional space for storage, meeting and communication - the “combizone`. All storage areas were bundled into compact furniture, and in every floor, there is a social area with bar, in every second floor alternating a smoke room or a balcony, which we called “Romeo and Julia`. The west side of the plot is a big garden with its existing trees which is vacated to remain as a retreat area. It was redesigned in an artistic competition.


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