Arana College

For more information on constituent colleges, please see the article on collegiate universities. Arana College is a residential college of the University of Otago, founded in 1943 by the Rev. William Turner and the Stuart Residence Halls Council. The name "Arana" is a MÄori transliteration of "Allen", chosen to honour Sir James Allen, a former Vice Chancellor (1903-1909) and Chancellor (1909”“1912) of the University of Otago. The current warden is Jamie Gilbertson. The main administration areas of Arana are based in what was once Sir James Allen’s Queen Anne-style mansion. The hall is located immediately to the northeast of the central campus, at the top of a small but steep rise known as Tanna Hill (a corruption of "Botanic Hill", after the nearby first site of the Dunedin Botanic Gardens). It overlooks the Otago Campus only 200 metres from the Registry Clock Tower, a notable feature of the University campus. The University of Otago College of Education, Otago Polytechnic and the Dunedin Botanical Garden are all within easy walking distance.

Originally, Arana housed only male students in former World War II Nissen army huts. Public subscriptions and government funding, as part of the Colombo Plan were used to build permanent buildings. The international students brought to Arana as part of the Colombo Plan have added a distinctive international flavour. Arana has accepted female students since 1978. The 1980s saw a downturn in numbers of new students at the university, and the College faced challenges in attracting sufficient residents. Downscaling and even the sale of properties were on the cards. Luckily, by the late 1980s the University of Otago was again in a growth phase, and Arana College truly began to develop into a residential village. During the 1990s and early 21st century, Arana has undergone extensive expansion renovations and redecoration. Although preserving many pleasing original architectural features, as well as ensuring the continuation of positive college traditions (eg. the annual spring gala ball) Arana is now a thoroughly warm, progressive and family-like environment for its staff and residents. Over the past ten years the college has grown from 150 students to 250 to 397. In 2005-2006 Arana College undertook a major upgrade all the facilities and increased the number of rooms available to students.

Coat of Arms
Arana and Carrington, the two colleges at Otago that were created and originally administered by the Stuart Residence Halls Council, are now fully administered by the University of Otago. The arms of Arana come from the arms of the Stuart Residence Halls Council, whose motto is Non tantum aedificatio sed sodalitas (not only education but community), with the addition of a three-pointed label (as for an eldest son). The Arana motto is: Takina te hoe kia rite (wield the paddles together). The College colours are maroon and blue.

Notable alumni

College name Arana College Founder Stuart Halls Residence Council Established 1943 Warden Jamie Gilbertson Students 397 (approx.) Location Clyde St ' Takina te hoe kia rite' ( MÄori language, "Wield the Paddles Together ") College website
Name Entered Notability Reference Jon Gadsby 1960s Entertainment: Comedian Prof. M.D. Holdaway 1960s Medicine: Child cancer researcher Michael Laws 1976 Politics, Literature, Media: Mayor of Wanganui, radio host, author and columnist for The Sunday Star-Times Garrick Tremain 1950s Media: Satirical cartoonist