Arabian Performance Venue Surrounded by the desert sands and occupying its own island in the middle of a nature reserve, the Arabian Performance Venue is organically tied to both its context and its use. The venue is experienced through an entry sequence of surprise and discovery. The island is connected to the mainland via long span bridges for both vehicles and trains. Also approachable by boats, the entrances are cut into the mounded landscape to open into a water-filled cavity. The walls, which contain the water, become the main entry foyer to the complex and a museum/exhibition center. The museum rises in the center and drops on its sides, opening out and focusing on the water, which is filled with people engaged with nature. Dropping down from the main foyer, the lower concourse opens up and moves underneath the water into a darkened space dappled with reflections from the water above. There are restaurants off to the side and a "black box" performance theatre near the center of the space. Inside this sedated world there are 44 splashes of light from above, which are emitted from glass tubes that house 44 elevators. Entering the elevator, one rises out of the water and above the walls that define this inner space. The walls open up to allow for 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape and waters. The elevators arrive at a traditional forecourt for the 2,500-seat performance venue 100 meters off the ground. It is surrounded by seven dancing figures that rise high into the sky above. This entry platform also serves as a public observation area, allowing views beyond to the migrating birds which flock to the surrounding waters. In the center of four dancing figures, filled with different activities, is the solidity of the performance venue, the pearl of the construction. Entrance into the main hall exposes the volume rising from the waters below. The auditorium hall opens up above to the main lobby of the hotel sitting on top of the performance venue, which is enclosed with an outer glass shell. The hotel lobby can be reached with its own express lifts and is flanked by four figures that are reached via sky-bridges. These figures house 300 hotel and service apartment rooms. The front two figures are filled with public food and beverage stations and provide shade to the forecourt. The back figure contains supporting facilities for the performance venue itself. Overall, the seven dancing figures rise into the sky with the highest one reaching upwards to 284 meters in height.


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