Aqua-scape The Orangery version

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Aqua-scape The Orangery version
This is an experimental pavilion made of plastic materials including near a plexiglass. It has the Form Resistance Structural System. It is wrapped in the transparent soft shell like a small shrimp. Architecture until now has been hard, heavy and unmoving, however, when I think about architecture to come in the future, it should be soft, light and moving. ?Aqua-scape series? are prototypes based on this idea. I was received an e-mail from Beam Gallery (The Orangery, UK) on 23rd November 2007. I was requested to carry ?Aqua-scape 2006? from Japan to UK. But, I thought it was impossible because Aqua-scape 2006 was big and heavy. So, I proposed a half size of the first Aqua-scape to Beam Gallery I hoped the new version of Aqua-scape would become more transparent, more amorphous, lighter and smaller than the first version. However, if we made a half size Aqua-scape, a thickness of material would become a half size. Then, the strength of material would be weaker. For that reason, it was very difficult for us to make a half size Aqua-scape. It needed to take one year in order to complete Aqua-scape The Orangery version. Finally, Aqua-scape The Orangery version has a double skin system. Outer skin was made of a transparent polycarbonate sheet. Inner skin was made of the same material of the first version. If I say the first version was boneless like Jellyfish, I can say the Orangery version is like a small shrimp because it is wrapped by transparent soft shell. The first version of Aqua-scape in Japan 2006 was floating on water, however Aqua-scape The Orangery version is floating on the grass.


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