Apollo Business Center II
The Apollo Business Centre story continues. What begun with Apollo Business Centre I, is developed by Apollo Business Centre II. Their main idea was to create a new city part in Bratislava and change the industrial part of old car factory to the part, which offers to its inhabitants not only perfect work environment, but also pleasant spaces for relax. Apollo Business Centre II joined modern era with nature, city with park and it becomes popular sought-after place for people from its surroundings. “Our job was to design an administrative complex, but we tried to offer something more – we participated on developing of the city part`, says the main architect Juraj Jancina. This is the main idea of the project. It is one of the largest administrative centres in Central Europe. Total liable area is 79 000 m2. Urban concept The complex of Apollo Business Centre II is situated into the city quarter which is dynamically developed from industrial part to the part of administrative and shopping centres and also housing. Urban concept is built on dynamic siting of particular buildings into the greenness, with the accent in the central space, which is enclosed with particular facades of the nearby standing buildings. In the centre springs water geyser, supported by the high rise dominants in the middle of the composition. Particular buildings are separately identifiable for people through its colours and together create one urban part. Enclosure by three streets (Turcianska, Prievozska and Mlynske Nivy) allowed siting of particular buildings to these three sites, what allowed also good solution of the underground garage entries to these three streets. This solves good access of the cars in the morning and evening traffic. Particular blocks with its orientation to these three communications are clearly identified and transparent, not only in urban composition but also from user`s view. Architecture concept Formation of the inside space, full of green, rugged terrain, waved horizontally and vertically, act in the contrast to the clear silhouettes of administrative buildings, and creates harmony between work and relax. Basic ground floor plan comes from the shape of site, mirrors also in building situation and in main pedestrian routes, which connect the buildings together. Whole this sharp composition required some soft interventions, which were design according Feng Shuey principles. Soft lines of rugged terrain of grass plot with trees, supplemented with groups of higher grasses, plants, gravel fields and paths leaded in curves, soften this basic concept and create interesting corners, dedicated to outdoor spaces for coffee shops and restaurants. Large water area in elliptical shape in the middle of the space mirrors the white facades of the high raise buildings, provide fresh oasis for sitting and refreshment not only for people who are walking through, but also for users of the administrative spaces. It should cumulate positive energy after Feng Shuey principles. The centre of the water area composed a glass object, through which the water falls into the underground floors. From this object the geyser raises and in the same time water disappears into the ground. The water pool is designed as fluent pass between the paths and in the winter, when is no water inside it is a part of hard landscape areas. Across the pool are situated stones plates, which float over the water surface. Next to the pool are wooden platforms roofed with light cloth canopy, which make pleasant summer sitting outside and provide shadow for the coffee shops visitors. Paving is made of granite cubes, between which are situated lightning glass cubes, which support the night illumination of the area, created by iron rusty shaped lights. All the area is supplemented with benches and bins designed in cubic shapes. Our effort was to create harmonic composition joining the stress of administrative centre and the calm environment, which can negotiate the stress and bring comfort and quietness. Architecture formation of the eight buildings is situated into the green park, created on tectonics all-glassed facades, partly solved as double facing. This is horizontally divided into seven floors with offset elements on the floor level, which are carrying coloured shading and identification plates. Particular blocks are six-floored with receded seventh or eight floor. Active parterre with shops and services is added function and vitalize all the area. Particular blocks are designed as five-aisle building with communication cores in the middle, what allows high variability of floor division, according the requests and requirements of renters. Raster of the facades is 1,35 m and allows to create minimal administrative cells of wide 2,7m, which is possible to change with joining of particular modules and create requested division of rent areas. Why we apply with Apollo Business Centre II for World Architecture Festival? As by successful project Apollo Business Centre I, awarded with a price for Architecture, we were thinking about its extension and creating a new unique city part. We pass the competition successfully and could finish our vision about beautiful, pleasant work environment. The second stage is two times larger than first one and they fill up each other. It is unique with its public spaces, where employees and visitors from the surroundings can enjoy pleasant atmosphere of the park situated in the city part Apollo, with unsteady rising masses full of greenness, stone monoliths and coloured objects, which protect park from busy traffic. And in the centre of this scenery the water is falling into underground, like a “crater` with exploding boiling lava. The story people can go through by sitting on the wooden platforms or on the grass and gather necessary energy. Even though it is one of the largest business centres, each building has a its own identity through its coloured glass facades, which together with the coloured glass cubes lightning in the pavement help by the orientation of the visitors. And the most important part, life and motion, give to our project people themselves. Our dream, to create pleasant environment for life and work, came true. Architects: Juraj Jancina, Igor Mazuch


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