Apartment No.1
This project is built in Mahallat, a small town in the center of Iran, where more than 50% of the economy is engaged in stone cutting business. By recycling left-over stones from Mahallat’s main stream of business, we are able to connect ourselves and our project to the unique context of the town. The recycled stones used for the exterior create a subtle effect on geometry of the project, which consist of façade with emphatic angles. Slight roughness of mixed recycled stones creates somewhat warmer texture, effectively complementing sharply tailored façade. As a result, the project, which speaks the language of modern architecture, uniquely blends with verdant trees and surroundings of Mahallat, an old town which has seen more than a thousand year of history. Such coherent theme of locally-recycled stones is also reverberated in the interior of the project, where simple structure is accentuated by stone walls, creating a space that is expressed in a natural yet intimate manner. The energy intensive local stone cutting industry in Mahallat largely depends on fossil fuel. Huge amount of energy is used to excavate and cut the stones. Yet, due to the inefficiency in the stone cutting technology, less than 50% of the stones are utilized, and the rest of the unused stones are thrown away as trash, further pollut...


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