Aosta Cathedral

Coordinates: 45°44′18″N 7°19′04″E / 45.738305°N 7.317737°E / 45.738305; 7.317737

Aosta Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Aosta, in north-west Italy, built in the 4th century.

In the 11th century the Palaeo-Christian structure was replaced by a new edifice dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The architecture of the cathedral was modified during the 15th and 16th century.

The present façade, in neoclassical style, was built between 1846 and 1848. The remaining structure of the Romanesque period are two clock-towers and the crypt. To the same era belongs also the remaining part of a fresco cycle on the church ceiling (Ottonian art).

  • The door

  • The Romanesque clock-towers

  • The crypt


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