Anne Frankschool

A 11-klassige primary total 1785 m2 for an existing gym 850 m2 placed renovated. At this location, this was an old elementary school that was demolished for this purpose. A primary school with a combined kindergarten lay the foundation for the further development of a child and seek their natural curiosity and stimulate imagination. In telling the story that this building is "the forest", with its multitude of colors and light-dark contrast, elected. The 'forest' is formed by at irregular intervals, vertical wood profiles, for the glass facade, with different colored glass surfaces. In the design we have chosen is identical to two local groups of 2 x 3 classrooms and where to create a widened transition zone is achieved, on the side of the gym. Through a void in both layers is sufficient daylight present and creates an interesting spatial experience. In the widened corridor zone plazas situated learning and working, with a maximum gross / net ratio is created. The efficient and functional design ensures that now and in the future, different educational models are possible on the site. Games room is also located between two local groups and is connectable with the widened corridor zone. This creates a large multipurpose room for larger meetings / encounters can be used.


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