Anisotropia 2

Anisotropia 2 is an istalation based on our design for Busan Opera House. The proposed facade system becomes the physical manifestation of Klavierskick I, a composition for piano. It uses parallel bamboo lamella which are creating the rhythmic structure, the basic unit of two strips is creating form into two dimensions, and becomes a straight extrusion into the third dimension. Like this it gets multiplied directionally, and it develops and gets modified in space in the same way II which the twelve tone now of Klavierstack I gets repeated and modified in time. The extrusion in the third dimensions allows for a horizontal modification during the development of the wall, which is used in a linear direction similar to the continuous upwards movement of the piano piece. In the piano piece always only the upper few tones of each twelve tone row are audible and create the floating field of rhythmic transformations. Simiady in the installation, only the peaks of each strip become visible and create a floating field of structure, shadow and light.

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