Animal Shelter Falkenberg

The 2001 newly created "city for animals" offers up to 2,000 animals a temporary home. The futuristic system of glass and concrete is the most modern and largest animal shelter in Europe and has served many a movie as a backdrop. The musical "Cats" has appeared here, to raise funds for the neutering of stray cats.

Nearly 2,000 four-legged and winged housemates are waiting for new owners. About 120 employees and dozens of volunteers take care of it, that dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, turtles, goats, sheep and horses missing anything.

More than 15,000 people also support the Humane Society of Berlin, who runs the shelter on their own.

The modern house, with its large areas of water, an oak grove and a dog exercise area on the outskirts of the city offers ideal conditions for Europe's largest animal sanctuary. There are three cat houses, bird house, a small animal house, pavilions, five dogs and a cat quarantine station. Added an emergency room for animals, their own veterinary clinic and an event hall that is rented out for conferences and lectures.Added the 16-acre facility of a pet cemetery. On the site there is also the animal collection of the State of Berlin.

The interesting architecture of the shelter has served several times as a location for film and television. Let your heart beat faster for animals, and visit the "city for animals" in Falkenberg . Who knows, maybe even return back home with a new friend.




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