Creating a temporary design for the new office location, combined with the desire to furnish it with an authentic material and recyclable, gave us the idea of Euro-pallets used in this design. The structure of the pallets: one autonomous open landscape changes gradually his character, creates ease in all parts of the office.

EURO-pallets, a common tree structure, usually used for transporting cargo in construction, behaves in a completely different functional form. Pallets structure is designed in such a way that besides being just a job, invites you to stand, sit or lie on them. Open office concept was created to fit the creative atmosphere of the studio that audiovisual products "Anima Pictures", with an additional informal atmosphere.

Existing object, positioned in the most frequented area of the capital, that of ex-Block, Albania, is an apartment of 120 m²: a relatively large saloon penetrated by two columns that define a long and narrow corridor and a clear separation of three rooms. As a result, for this environment the conceptual ideation work was organized along the longitudinal axis. Due to the specialty of "Anima Pictures" it was "mandatory" that reflects an environment of inclusive living habitat for new media.

The concept of design, an open landscape autonomous, was applied in this way:
Firstly, the existing space was painted with white, to ensure a homogeneous background for the structure of pallets, accompanied by spots of color that characterize the company logo. Pallets themselves create a structure which changes its character gradually being adopted in every office space. In the line of original material, to give the necessary privacy dedicated to the meeting area, the division created between two columns, reinforced through intervention with concrete blocks. The last part of the design of the structure contains supplements to the pallet as furniture lighting, furniture and accessories which stand under the black stain. The whole structure is aimed at facilitating more character than compelling.
Design can easily be divided into three main areas: the entrance area, the area of meetings and workstations.
Entrance Area:
When you enter the office, it spontaneously leads to the long and narrow corridor structure created by the partition between the two columns. This area provides an ease in direction through the installation on purpose of the linear lighting system.

Meeting area:
The area that makes the strongest visual impact is made by the meeting area. It is private and public at the same time. This dual character gives to the space a note of high creativity.


Defined by a clear separation of three different spaces where the there are set: the creative director, graphic designers and management staff, this area constitutes the most remote environment. In each of them none of the compositions of the working palette table is same as the other. They are different and adapted to the function of the office.

EURO pallets used are standard-size pallets with 800 X 1200 mm. They are placed over each other, with small displacement forming work tables that convey the feeling of luxury furniture, mainly achieved by setting a glazed surface. Each has an independent composition that seeks a dynamic character to the premises concerned.

Open landscape facilitates interaction and movement in a space unusually, by attracting visitors by their engagement to the work of the company itself. In addition, the pallet structure encourages flexibility and new alternatives, such as reduction in its corners, creating an informal atmosphere between "residents" of the everyday life. Conceptual approach strives to maintain a visual continuity through the general and allegations whiteness contrasting black line of chairs and lighting.

Design of the office is done in the framework of economically efficient solution, which achieves the value of 5000 euro's. This functional and modern studio was realized only with 30 pallets time frame of 28 days.


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