Shopping Cener “Andares” The complex is located in a very important development area known as “Puerta de Hierro” in Zapopan, in the state of Jalisco, México The complicated land configuration, as well as the limited access to main streets was solved by incorporating a pathway within the complex which allows an easy access to the different elements of the building. This solution brought up the complex concept by creating a private urban space. So, as we mentioned before, the main idea was to create an ideal urban space where we all would lke to leave on, where we could find both,spatial and road solutions, obtaining a space with fountains nice urban forniture, green areas, but above all this, the feeling of beeing out side in a high quality and secure Urban Space. THE SHOPPING MALL Given the good weather of the city along the year, we decided to use a diagram of an open shopping mall. As a concept it was fundamental tah all spaces where organized around a big garden that tieded out all activities, distribuiting the people flow at the time they can have a good time in the open space ore garden making this space not only a place of transition ore for a view, but a real urban space for its use. This concept is comparable to a public park as a meeting spot for the commiunity, within the framework of a more secure with planed activities for a better coexistence of the users. The main plan of the shopping mall comes out of the convetional outline of ahving an “anchor store” at each end of the complex that tides all the other stores in both levels of the mall. There is also a food court and a theatre satrategically located to force the people flow within the complex. The parking lot, is located underground in two levels with direct acces to the main garden by electric stairs. The concept express in the space and formal solution of the components of the shopping mall, as we said before, that the heart of the project is the big garden so we have spetially paid attention to the exterior and garden design taking care of the special use areas such as the opensky theatre and concert hall tht could also host book presentations, fashion shows, etc. We equally provide the garden of places to sit ore walk, furnished with fountains, a play ground and shopping islands along the way. The intention of taking to the extreme the posibilities of ejoing the garden manifest it self in the existence of a golf court! All the comertial corridors are open to the garden and the distance between to opossite corridors is bigger than usual so the with gets to be enough so the proportion of the garden can hold all the activities and intentions we mentioned before. However still possible to find a store that is in the fron corridor as any other traditional shoping center. The lower corridors are protected of the rain ore sun by a porch wich columns are disigned as big lamps af a grat scale that lights both the corridor and the garden, giving the apearence of a grean cleanes of elements becase it leaves a very neat ceiling free of any lamps holes ore any other element. In the upper level the corridors were covered whit a cantilever wich section reduces as it reaches the end giving agreat sens of lightness and integration to the center open space. The comunication betwen the corridors was solved by covered bridges that alows the pass on both levels, this bridges were designed looking for tranparency and the result is a metalic structure with glass and wood apliances. This same concept was applied to the food court solving it with a few columns allowing more flexibility for it use with a big fliying cover of a considerable height iincorporating also this space ti the centered garden. Is very important to mention that a difference between this and any traditional shopping mall is the complex treatment of an urban garden an the urban ambience of the exterior, designed by a restaurante corridor with the use of the side walk like in the largest cities such as Paris in Champs Elyses, ore in the Miami boulevard creating a very interestig atmospherer with a very appealig urban corridor as well as a very profitable spot on a commertial point of view. In general terms of the Image, we were looking for a very planly and neat image using beige concrete and glass matching with the natural stone on the floor.


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