Andalucia's Museum of Memory

Architecture Fri 14.8. Museo De La Memoria De Andalucia in Granada / Spain by Alberto Campo Baeza Posted by Nora Schmidt - Tagged as: Alberto Campo Baeza, museum, Spain Museo De La Memoria De Andalucia, Photos by Javier Callejas In May this year the Commune of Granada, Spain opened the new Museo De La Memoria De Andalucia, designed by the Spanish architecture practice around Alberto Campo Baeza. The complex consists of a massive vertical building and a lower part with a central patio in ellipsoidal form in which some circular ramps connect the three levels. The complex consists of two main buildings, Photos by Javier Callejas What the architects say: “Our project for the MA (Andalusia’s Museum of Memory) in Granada is a building in the line of the headquarter of the Caja Granada Saving Bank which we completed in 2001. We propose a podium building measuring 60m x 120 m and three stories high, so that its upper floor coincides with that of the lower body of the podim of the main building of the Caja Granada – and also the façade. Everything is arranged around a central patio. And to a top it all, as if it was a Gate to the City, a strong vertical piece arises, the same height and width as the main building of the Caja Granada. It appears in front of the highway that circles Granada like a screen-façade on which to send messages over large plasma screens that will cover it entirely.” Inside the tower, Photos by Javier Callejas Inside the patio, Photos by Javier Callejas The tower, Photos by Javier Callejas to the Alberto Campo Baeza website Social Bookmarks ← Oaxaca School of Plastic Arts, Mexico by Mauricio Rocha ‘Wove’ by Xi Zhang and Erich Diserens / EXH Design → © 2009 Dailytonic


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