The building boom saw modernism’s International Style transform Sydney through speculative high rise construction.  It features the headquarters of the insurance company, the Australian Mutual Provident (AMP) Society in 1964.

Completed in 1961, the AMP building was the CBD’s first skyscraper, a 22-story gargantuan edifice dwarfing all others.  Prior to its construction, building heights in Sydney were limited to a ceiling of 150 ft, or 45m, by legislation under Height of Buildings Act of 1912.  The legislation reflected the City of Sydney’s initial revulsion toward the American skyscraper.  In 1957 the Act was amended, setting off a speculative property boom and fierce competition to dominate the city skyline for the next decade.

This was Sydney's first highrise to take advantage of the lifting of the 46m (150ft) height limit which was enforced until 1957. It dominated the city's skyline for many years.

- The building originally had a rooftop observation deck at 106m high.
- The AMP building snatched the "tallest in Australia title" from Melbourne's 84m/20storey ICI House (now Orica House) built in 1958.
- It held the title as the country's tallest skyscraper until 1965, when eclipsed by the now-demolished 128m State Office Block. The AMP building was heritage listed in 1996.

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