America's Cup Building

The America's Cup Building, also called the Foredeck Building, is known locally as "Veles e Vents", which is also the name of a poem that Ausiàs March invoked in the fifteenth century regarding the strength of the winds. This building faces the sea and has won LEAF Awards, European architectural prizes.


The headquarters and the park are the social center of the main competition of the racing world, established in Europe for the first time in 150 years after the Swiss team Alinghi beat Team New Zealand in 2003 and was selected as host Valencia.


The Veles e Vents building is centerpiece in the reorganization of the industrial port of Valencia, was established as the basis for all the teams in the Copa America and their husbands, as well as a place for the public to see the Cup competitions.


A build four plants that seem to underpin the air. Four floors of the size of half a football field, in reinforced concrete postesado, with large overhangs, are the key to building Foredeck. An overlay of open platforms as a deep terraces, of different sizes and connected by a system of external staircases very attractive Each plant has its size, flight and different ways, which hampered the work of cimbrado especially since in some areas of the building came into cimbra the ground floor and came to the deck, saving more than 25 meters in height. Other times, each of the plants are not supported directly on the bottom.


This building, which was built in a record time of eleven months, along with 800 parking spaces and Ac Park project are invited to the center of the Americ's Cup in Valencia, Spain.


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