Amelia Island Light
The Amelia Island Light is a lighthouse located on the north end of Amelia Island at the mouth of the St. Mary's River. It was built in 1838 using materials taken from the former Cumberland Island lighthouse in Georgia. The Cumberland Island lighthouse had been built in 1820. The lighthouse marks the entrance to Nassau Sound and the harbor for Fernandina Beach, Florida. The lighthouse was originally equipped with 14 lamps each with a 14-inch (360 mm) reflector. The reflector size was increased to 15 (460 mm) inches by 1848. This arrangement was replaced by a third-order Fresnel lens in 1903, which is still used in the lighthouse. The original tower, moved from Cumberland Island, Georgia was 50 foot (15 m) tall, placed on a hill. In 1881 a lantern was installed on the tower, increasing the tower height to 64 feet (20 m), with the focal plane of the light 107 feet (33 m) above see level. The next-to-last civilian keeper of the Amelia Island lighthouse was Thomas J. O'Hagan, who was the son of the previous keeper, Thomas P. O'Hagan, and was married to a direct descendant of the first keeper, Amos Latham. The lighthouse was transferred from the United States Coast Guard to the City of Fernandina Beach in 2001. It is listed as number 565 in the USCG light lists.


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