PDA was selected by A'maree's, an elite Southern California fashion boutique, to guide the process of converting a regional architectural monument into their new flagship store.

Designed in 1960 by Ladd & Kelsey (architects of Pasadena's Norton Simon Museum) as home to the elegant Stun Shirt restaurant, A'maree's new headquarters later housed destination eateries Cano's and Windows on the Bay. After being vacant for 13 years, the building is accessible to the public once again as one of the California coasts most remarkable vraterfront architectural spaces.

In carrying out this adaptive re-use project: PDA coordinated the removal of decades of accreted restaurant fixtures, equipment, and faux-Aztec interior improvements. Display fixtures, lighting. and a sophisticated back-of-house facility were designed to accommodate the new retail use. As the store opens to broad acclaim among the global fashion community, an abandoned building emerges — half a century after it was built — in a pure and elegant version of itself, never before seen.

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