Amaj Darman
This Project is located in Pardis Technology Park, 20 km away from North-East of Tehran. The policy for creating the park was a township with architectural values.So a list of well-known architects were presented to the clients who intended to construct the so-called project in their property. As a result, this site became a location for architects' challenges and each of them in their related job tried to do their best in designing the project which they where assigned. In my opinion, every building needs to be a natural object while being a building as well. I do not believe in designing a building that is an exact copy of a rock or a tree which is nowadays a tendency between some architects. On the other side, most of the common and ordinary buildings in our cities do not have any relationship with the nature.Therefore we tried to come up with a solution in between . The program of the building is a surgery room calibration and its office. The site is located in the centre of the medical department of the town. The ground floor is allocated for laboratory , warehouse,and parking and all administrative spaces are located in first floor. We have separate the access to labatory floor with a long ramp because the laboratory is meant to be a safe and isolated area and is better to have a private entrance. Besides that, the ramp also prepares an easy access to first floor, making the occupants feel like this is ground floor but with a better view and light. The building is influenced by the so called ramp which is in a zigzag manner; and a sense of constant coming and going movement is repeated in its form. The result is a dynamic volume and palpitating internal spaces which is also in coordination with the building’s function. In order to coordinate with the traditional buildings of the region we used steep roofs. However, by extending the overall roof cover over the walls we could achieve a form that is very active and progressive. And th the end, although the produced form is not as natural as a rock or a tree, it has a proper harmony with mountains in the context. In plan, we tried to distribute spaces so that the fluency and fluidity can be observed from inside and outside. In this regards, if a person starts moving from the beginning of the ramp towards the building, a while after entering from an unexpected and unnoticeable entrance, they may not be able to guess their location. This may remind us the Mobius strip or klien bottle in which there is no border between inside and outside. Since the building techniques are not so good in this region ,we decided to use prefabricated construction methods for most parts of the building especially the structure. In case of facades, only south and some parts of the east side of the building are transparent. The north and west sides are closed because of the cold weather,intense sunlight and winds coming from west .Even most parts of the transparent sections are double skinned to achieve adequate isolation for inside.


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