Alsea Juan Carlos Baumgartner Fabiola Troyo Alsea is a company that has had an extraordinary growth in Mexico and Latin America. Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Chillis are, among others, some of the companies that Alsea handles. The challenge of the project was to design a space that housed Alsea’s new branch, around 6.000 m2. The client sought to exploit the change of offices for enhancing communication and dynamism within the company. The result had to be a design that demonstrated the organization’s young and enterprising culture. We worked hand in hand with Alsea’s directors to define a concept that responded to these needs and which, at the same time, suggested an image consistent with the brands. The resulting concept was the idea of generating " Alsea city ", a space with an urban touch that operated on the basis of neighborhoods, each neighborhood bringing together a brand, and each of these spaces having a " neighborhood center". The neighborhood centers became the ideal pretexts to generate identity to each group through informal meeting areas or what we have come to call "casual collisions". The architectural layout arises from the idea of maximizing natural light, distributing the private offices perpendicular to the façades, thus liberating the façades to the highest possible extent. The number and form of the board meeting areas was defined after an extensive investigation. Some of these areas were resolved with unconventional spaces such as pool tables or informal lounges. The space used is formed by two architectural stories intercommunicated by an interconnecting stair and, in the center of these spaces, a mezzanine that works as council room was designed. This council room came into being through a glass box lined with texts that express the company’s culture and values. This space has categorically helped to transform the way of organization, it contributes to a more dynamic communication fostering the company’s culture, and has at the same time become an icon of corporate design in Mexico.


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