Alpha and Beta student halls of residence

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Alpha and Beta student halls of residence

The Alpha and Beta student halls of residence, of which the first two stages have now been completed, form part of a larger plan to create an educational community of the future on the site of a former barracks in Viborg.

The buildings achieve their original form of expression by being among the first ever construction projects in Denmark to use Rodeca colour panels. These facade panels are made of a polycarbonate material that is stronger than glass and practically unbreakable, but which possesses a transparency and an ability to accept colour which provides entirely new possibilities for creating varied facade expressions. The actual buildings of the student residences take the form of simple concrete blocks which acquire a lively expression through the words written directly onto the concrete, and the modern facade panels. The panels vary in colour between three shades of blue-green and a transparent polycarbonate. The material and its colouring signals freshness and originality, and underscores the aim to create a colourful development which will facilitate innovative thinking.

The material reflects its surroundings, the weather and the seasons, but is at the same time semi-transparent, giving the whole building a light and airy expression.

The interior has been kept simple, with white walls and ceilings, and black floors: a simplicity which contrasts with the distinctive yellow and orange floor colours used at various points in the buildings. The colour scheme is orange for Alpha and yellow for Beta, respectively.


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