Aloni House
The summer residence is located at the Cycladic Islands in Greece. The form that the house takes is a result of three main factors: the traditional building techiniques at the islands, the hot summer climate, and the response to the particular topography of the site.

In the past, stone-retaining walls were used in order to form flat terraces into the steep slopes for agricultural purposes. The architects decided to use this traditional method typical for this place and the two side walls are made of rough stones shaping a topography.The house is embedded into the ground in attempt to avoid the direct access of sun into the living spaces. In hot climates, basement rooms are quite comfortable to stay in even during the hot summer days. Since the residence is located in the area where the bottom parts of two hills meet, it has to give a very particular response to the topography. The dwellings acts as a bridge between the two slopes and its planted roof makes it an integrral part of the surrounding landscape.   



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