Alnwick Garden Pavilion

The derelict 12 acre walled garden, adjoining Alnwick Castle, has been transformed into a contemporary, public garden where an underlying planted structure forms and unifies the Garden's diverse themes of spectacular water displays and quiet contemplative areas. The garden has proved popular, attracting an enormous number of visitors. A building was needed in which to welcome and look after them. 

The new 'Pavilion' is built off the enclosing entrance wall, on a site overlooking the Garden. The restaurant and function room, are arranged in two wings, on either side of a covered terrace - a place from which to enjoy the garden in shelter and shade.  Kitchens and back-up spaces are below.

The other visitor facilities - ticketing, shops and a cafe, information and interpretation and the education centre - are placed around a courtyard outside the wall, forming a new axial entrance to the Garden. 

The buildings, conceived as contemporary greenhouses, are organic, barrel-vaulted spaces, formed by timber and steel, lattice roofs covered in inflated transparent and translucent PTFE pillows. These reduce the effects of solar heating and glare. External walls are either glazed with sliding doors or fixed timber panels.

The environmental strategy is based on low carbon emission.  A rockstore beneath the Visitor Centre provides a thermal 'battery', so that solar energy and surplus heat generated by the Visitors can be re-cycled for later re-use.


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