ALLSTEEL Showroom As part of its growth in the domestic market, the international furniture company Allsteel decided to open a new showroom in Mexico City. The challenge: a space that represented the brand’s concern for environment care. After a careful selection, Alsteel hired us architecture and interior design, which since its inception, has struggled to create a culture around design that promotes and adopts sustainable architecture. The showroom is a space that, at the same time, operates as administrative office. The fundamental concept of this methodology lies in the idea of designing sensory experiences and from that point, starting to organize the architectural spaces. The "pivot" around which the spatial distribution is centered is a sort of assistance counter, a space that works as reception but that actually has a formal reference in the counter of a bar or a cafe. Around this space, a traffic that generates a "walk" through the various lines of furniture is created. The whole project was designed with extremely strict sustainability and environment protection standards. The use of materials with highly recycled content, VOC free sealers, paints and adhesives, the highly efficient systems of air conditioning, and quickly renewable materials were, among others, key elements for the design of this green space. The showroom has also got a terrace for which a system of rainwater uptake was designed. This rainwater is meant to be purified and then be used by users of this space. This project achieves, in spite of the complexity of the agenda and the space requirements, a subtle balance between form, function, and ecology, displaying a plethora of solutions in office furniture without losing clarity in the spatial discourse.


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