Built in the main section of a block delimited by the Felix Parra, Mercaderes and Jose Maria Velasco streets.
The complex is composed of two separate volumes of homes, with five and a half levels¬¬, featuring eighty eight appartments in total.
The main volume or Tower 1 is developed on the side facing the Felix Parra street. Its front shows a set of terraces with glass parapets and irving grating floors, randomly placed, which generates a sense of movement in the façade. The design of the façade is based on the use of white mullions, transparent glass and white Uglass, which randomly opens and closes the views, depending on the public or private nature of the interiors.
The distance between both volumes configures a visual axis that is efficiently used to host a garden-like promenade, which connects both volumes by means of four light and open bridges, with stairs attached leading to each one of the five levels. Thus, a series of plazas are delimited along the visual axis.
Each bridge has been covered by a canvas roof, which mirrors the style of the façade at floor level, leaving open areas


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