All-Hallows-the-Less (also known as All-Hallows-upon-the-Cellar ) was a church in London.

All-Hallows-the-Less was situated on the south side of Thames StreetThames Street , and built above an arch leading to a grand house known as Cold Harbour which lead to the river, east of All-Hallows-the-Great in a district known as The Ropery . The first mention of the church is from 1216, and in 1387 two adjacent houses were given to expand the church . In 1594, the parishioners were able to begin a building programme which lasted over 30 years which transformed the formerly gloomy interior , with the addition of galleries in 1633 . The church was one of 86 that were destroyed during the Great Fire of London , out of a total 97 parishes within the City of London, shown in the Mortality Bill for the year 1665 . In 1670 Parliament passed a Rebuilding Act and a committee was set up under the stewardship of Sir Christopher Wren to decide which churches would be rebuilt . Fifty-one were chosen, but All-Hallows-the-Less was among those never rebuilt , the parish instead united to All-Hallows-the-Great . The Union of Benefices Act 1860 deemed All-Hallows-the-Great surplus to requirements and merged it, along with the remains of All-Hallows-the-Less, into St Michael Paternoster Royal. In 1896 many bodies were disinterred from the churchyard and reburied at Brookwood Cemetery . The final physical evidence that the church had ever existed, an old watch house was destroyed during the Second World war although partial records still survive and are available at IGI .

Postcode Grid reference Bartholemew's Co-ordinates EC4R 3TD TQ 325 807 E:532500 N:180700

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