The Alas Building is a residential and office building located in the San Nicolás section of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It stands at a height of 141 metres (463 ft) and houses 41 floors. It was the tallest building in Buenos Aires between 1950 and 1996, when it was surpassed by the Le Parc tower. It has long been a vital part of the skyline of Buenos Aires, together with other, neighboring buildings on Leandro Alem Avenue, such as the similarly Rationalist Comega Building (1930), as well as those built in the International style during the 1970s (notably the Catalinas Norte development). Recently, however, it was overshadowed by the construction of several towers in the Puerto Madero area; as of 2009, it remains the 20th tallest building in Argentina. Commissioned by President Juan Perón, he ordered that plans include an underground bunker for use in case of war or a coup d'état. Perón, however, did not seek refuge there during the June 16, 1955, bombing of Plaza de Mayo by the Argentine Navy in an attempted coup, nor was he able to do so during his eventual overthrow, three months later. Although the bunker doesn't exist nowadays, the building does include two underground floors used for parking, a gym, the water heater, bike racks and other amenities.