Puerto Peñasco is internationally known as the Rocky Point, its position, close to the united states and particulary with the estates of Arizona, New Mexico and California, and with the mexican states of coahuila, Monterrey, Chihuahua and all the californian peninsula. Its weather is dry-warm, with desertical vegetation, marine fauna, with only 10 days of rain each year. The atractions are golf, fishing and eco-tourism, these characteristics make puerto penasco the most touristical atractive, both national and internationally speaking-spot in Mexico. With a contemporary-style design, and the use of its composition elements searches a deeper, meaning, wich brings the user a feeling of phisical and spiritual relaxation. All of this is generated by two bodies, one of them with columns that break its harmony and in combination with its infinity pools acheieve to blend the marine with the project, thanks to the likeness and proximity between the ship-poles and these wooden columns that support an upper building body, the exterior look of the buildings have a series of frames that surround both buildings this detail resembles the vertebral column of a fish. This multi purpose project is forward by two towers, wich will be raised on two extemporary phases and have the folowing characteristics. One underground level for both towers, with space for as such as 242 cars, and an extra semi level with space for another 134 cars, this will assure a 1 car minimum per appartament avaliability. There are storage 45 rooms in the bottom of tower 2 (firs to be build and the largest) and another 60 storage rooms in tower 1, plus another 49 extra parking spaces for their individual sale. There are also water deposits, water tratment plants, desalination plants, machinery rooms and a electrical sub-station, among others. The shopping area is located in the ground level, and this joins the exterior plaza to the commercial area of tower 1; both plazas are integrated to the beacfront, giving the user and visitors the nicest walk through The rest of the ground level - all acces amenities will be luxury restaurants, Boutiques and fast food areas, all of these equipped with commerce-area elevators, condominium reach elevators, state acces and security stations and users and visitors toilets. The private amenity level is located over the shopping area and therefore guarantees the perfect privacy and a spectacular view to the marina and the gulf of california. The 2nd Tower gives space to 2 mayor pools, separated by a water mirror, offering a total of 120m2 of infinity pool/water mirror, and acheiving to involve the marina itself to the project. Both Pools have 2 hot tubs, one of them with 135m2 of beach and giving the project a special attraction. On of the most astonishing details on ALAQUAS design is a large water mirror that in combination with the inclined-wooden columns evoque the ships and sailboats already existing in the marine there is also a har-zone and recreation-relaxation areas to wich users will acces through wooden bridges that give the sensation of floating over the water. Another pool is located towards the chaia street side, with a kids-pool and 160m2 of beach, and a special kids area to give privacy to grown up users, separated by a wooden structure in form of a J wich will give the feeling of the ground floor to be scaling over a half wall. 4000m2 of open air spaces complete de beauty of the common areas, furnitured an prepared as sunbathering spaces, recreation areas, multi purpose spaces, yoga and aerobics practice spaces, massage heds 12-people capacity jacuzzis, food courts and snack bars, Elevator vestibules, sun beds, hammocs, palm trees and water mirrors. The maintenance and services area is composed by 4 public elevators, 2 staircases, service elevatosrs, garbage shafts, clothes shats/bins, kitchen, locker rooms, shower rooms, and sanitary areas. From the 2nd floor up, there are 8 floors with 195 condominiums with layouts from 50m2 to 177m2 plus terraces, alll of them with privacy and views to the marina and the goulf of california, This is all complemented with living rooms and elevators that comunicate straight through a motor lobby, a sky lobby, amenities and a shopping center, with a strict control to private areas for visitors and shoppers.


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