Akasya Residential Project
Project Name : AKASYA Client : Saf Gayrimenkul A.S. Location : Istanbul / Acibadem Architect - Design Team : Mimarlar – Workshop Ltd. Sti. Mr. Alp Evrenol, Dip.Ing Architect Ms. Mehpare Evrenol, MA Architect Mr Tamer Tunbis, MA Architect Structural : Balkar Engineering Ltd. Sti. Mechanical : Cilingiroglu Engineering Ltd. Sti. Electrical : Cedetas Engineering Ltd. Sti. At the Anatolian side of 16 million metropol Istanbul lies a huge residential area, Acibadem. Acibadem is connecting the ancient settlement Uskudar to new developments of Atasehir. Our project is at the boundaries of Acibadem very close to new settlements of Atasehir with several high rises and dense population. Our site is the neighborhood of monotonous clusters of 7-8 floored apartments. As several places in Istanbul in Acibadem residential areas developed spontaneously in a scattered manner, even the areas which developed according to predesigned concepts lack green, recreational areas, facilities for pedestrians, even community centers. LAND USE AND ORIANTATION Consequently we decided to give much importance to create an environment which imitates the ancient woods of Acibadem, the once existing now lost creek, the safe areas for pedestrians, the sporting facilities and playgrounds for all ages. Although we had to design a dense settlement too, we tried hard to accomplish nature friendly living for the residents and the neighborhood. The settlement consists of two parcels for residential buildings. Parcel A With The Creek (Streaming Biological Pond) : 34.902,07 sqm land area 51.644,54 sqm permissible area 94.569,27 sqm brut m² 5 buildings 458 residential units 906 car park facilities The design concept of Parcel A is to create a creek in the centre of the area which once exists on the same place. We designed a biological reduction pond (streaming pond) at the original place of the creek in order to obtain the nostalgic rich flora and fauna of the area. The pond-stream provides spectacular view for all the residential units as well as recreational areas at both banks for pedestrians. Parcel B With The Woods : 24137,18 sqm land area 59.944,57 sqm permissible area 100.725,52 sqm brut m² 4 building 432 residential units 901 car park facilities All the hights of Uskudar by the Bosphorus are covered with ancient woods with several different species of trees. Next to Uskudar unfortunately Acibadem area lost its woods to clusters of residences without any parks or gardens. To compensate this, we decided to reserve at the centre approximately 10.000 sqm, to create an arboretum planned with %40 percent evergreens and the rest to provide different hues and flowers at different seasons. At both parcels another important aspect was to create hundred percent safe pedestrian areas whereby a child can reach social areas club house and walk to the next parcel without crossing a road or a car park area. At the junctions of the two residential parcels lay the oval green garden on which the club house, swimming pools is situated. The roof of club house is also covered grass with a pedestrian walk to connect with the B parcel and on to the oval garden. From A parcel walk ways at the edges of the pond reaches to the oval park under the high street. In order to achieve ample spaces among the buildings to create the woods and water feature we designed a high rise of 40 storeys at parcel B and a building of 36 storeys at parcel A. Another positive aspect of the high rises is over 12 storeys we have delicate Marmara Sea view and over 18 storeys Bosporus view. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLINESS AND SUSTAINABILITY With a success of more than 90 percent of all units are protected from dominant, cold NE wind. Nearly all rooms of the units benefit from east and west sun shine. All the buildings of the settlement other than the two high-rises have the possibility of green terraces. The balconies designed to be filled with 40 cm. of vegetable soil to accommodate gardens with grass, ground covering plants, perennials and 2,5 m. high small trees. We meant to provide a garden for the resident weather they are living at the 3rd floor or at the 12th floor. In the mild climate of Istanbul everybody loves to dine and live at open spaces so we chose sliding doors which enable garden and the terrace to be united with the living room. To increase energy efficiency we used green roofs, terrace gardens, semi grass pavements for open car parks in order to reduce heat loss which is effective at least for 6 months in Istanbul. We also planned to use solar panels combined with green roofs. We are going to use recycled water and rain water for gardens irrigation and some of the water supply of the pond. The edges of terrace gardens will be lined by natural trees. We tried to maintain natural light for common circulation areas for all buildings except for high-rises. We are using energy-efficient light bulbs, energy star certified appliances, dual flush toilets. DESIGN PRINCIPALS OF RESIDENCES We designed nearly 50 different types of residences in order to comply with the needs and demands of the costumers. 50 percent of all units are 3 bedroom apartments with a living room. 30 percent are larger with 4 or 5 bedrooms, 15 percent are smaller with 2 bedrooms. Only 5 percent is 1 bedroom with a living room unit. All the living rooms and kitchens of the units of the settlement have their own spacious views. It’s very important in local tradition to locate building in such a way as to provide privacy for living and bedrooms. COMMERCIAL SUCCES Commercially the project is very successful. All the units are sold out within 6 months after the completion of the design, before the construction has started most users bought the units intending private use rather than investment.


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