Akaretler Row Houses
The Akaretler project, the newest mixed-use project in Istanbul, opened its doors on March 2008. The project, which high­lights luxury residences, high-end designer shops, offices and W Istanbul; which is the first W property opening in Europe, within is located in the heart of Besiktas. The project is an important milestone in the Turkish real estate historical account as being structured over the redevolepment of the landmark Akaretler Row Houses. The historical Row Houses were constructed by Sultan Abdulaziz in the l870's to house the workers of the Dolmabahce Palace; a symbol of the magnificence and decadence of the 19th-century Ottoman Empire. They can be called as the first example of public housing in Ottoman Empire. This set of residences are one of the best examples of the civil architecture of 1870's with their neoclassical front design, lacking the influence of earlier Baroque and Rococo styles. These forms were the direct reflection of the first westernization moves, which effected the Ottoman Empire, not only in fields of science, art, agriculture and trade but on architecture and housing styles as well, in the first quarter of 19th century. Row Houses are the first examples of the change at the time, from traditional stonework/ wooden to stone or brick houses with 4-6 story row or block dwellings, detached houses with gardens. The architectural study of the Row Houses were completed by Sarkis Balyan. With such a delicate historical background, the project study of the Row Houses, was handled delicately as well. The locality has an individual sex appeal reflected through the mystical and egzotic breath of the Ottoman and on trend at the same time. The architect/designer of the project, one of the most creative firms in Turkey, has been chosen to combine this authentic Ottoman-style design with the unique signature design elements where the residents and locals can socialize, relax, unwind or recharge in a communal setting. The aim of the overall project is to create a vibrant district with a neo-bohemian life style with the inclusion of all the most upscale restaurant & bars of town. Akaretler Row Houses crowns a space totalling 60,000 square meters, of which 55,000 square meters is closed and 5,000 square meters uncovered. There are some minor disparities between the Houses which are outstreched along 4 blocks of which 2 are connected. Some of the 3 storey high houses own a basement floor and the total floor area of a house is around 145-150 square meters. The gross usage space of one house building is 450 square meters. According to the original plan, each house accommodates 2 big rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen on both floors above the entrance floor. We believe that this mixed-use project will create the newest attraction point of Istanbul and its popularity will continue to grow in every aspect, in the days to follow. It sure will be the starter of a new form of development in the city which has loads to offer in its long and rich history.


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