Airmount Grave Shelter
The Airmount Grave Shelter, also known as the Hope Family Grave Shelter is a brick grave shelter, or grave house, located in the Airmount Cemetery near Thomasville, Alabama. It is unusual in that it protects six graves instead of the more common one grave. The brick structure was built in 1853 by John Hope. It is built in a vernacular Greek Revival style with a gabled roof. The interior features a wooden vaulted ceiling. The shelter was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 24, 2000 as a part of the Clarke County Multiple Property Submission.

The shelter contains the graves of the following individuals:
  • Archibald H. Hope, born May 20, 1823 and died September 26, 1850.
  • Margaret Hope, born Nov 20, 1797 and died May 1851.
  • Jane A. Hope, born February 9, 1813 and died November 22, 1852.
  • John Allison Hope, born October 3, 1855 and died October 25, 1856.
  • John Hope, born October 3, 1791 and died April 6, 1868.
  • Sarah Jane Powell Hope, born July 7, 1829 and died July 7, 1885.