AIREA Residential Project Location: México D.F. Date: March 2007 Project: VIDARQ Direction: VIDARQ Innovative product: Prefab concrete facade, with molds design. The pool will be coating with marble arabascato. Manufacturer company: Prefab concrete: Pretecsa. Travertino: Cano y Cano. Glasses: Vidrios Sordo Noriega. Context This project is located in one of the finest neighborhoods in Mexico City, the Polanco vicinity, located in Miguel Hidalgo county, Distrito Federal; a great lot was found because it has two fronts, one facing a very important crosstreet of the zone, Arquimedes and the other facing one of the most quiet streets of the zone, Lord Byron, in which a calm abounds in spite of its connection with Avenida Paseo de la Reforma. The Esthetics In this project the intention was to have the vast majority of the old buildings have been demolished to make wave to the new visions from architects who have been creating a new image in the zone, even though they have no similarity between them. The Building The project consists of two buildings each with 14 levels, one of them facing Arquimedes and the other facing Lord Byron. Between them there is an interior patio, which works as an articulation between these two volumes, this patio has an area of 250 m2, it is divided in an adults area and another for kids complete with sandlots and playgrounds. Because of its great location, east-west, it is a patio with sun the whole day and it allows the apartments access to the sun. The Urban Intention Urbanely, the intention was not to break the regulating height of the street, always taking care of the landscape over the street. The Arquitects Ambition It is to generate a great view to all the areas. The apartments feature a great size and distribution, from 275 m2 to 336 m2, the living room, dining room, family room and main bedroom all have a privileged view to the Bosque de Chapultepec and the second and third bedrooms have a lovely view to the interior patio. The Conceptual Axis of the Design The project consists of a pedestrian access to each of the fronts and a motorized access from Arquimedes , by this street you can find the main lobby, which was designed with a combination of crystal, wood and arabascato marble , the floor's finishing is marble which spreads out to give way to the entrance hall. This same combination of materials was utilized for the clubhouse and pool. The Finishing In the common areas of the buildings we utilized the same materials, crystal, concrete and carrara marble which is a monolithic element, covered including wall and columns creating a match between the blue water and the natural light. Thus expecting create serene and harmony atmospheres. The facades The exterior face should be solid and unmovable, being with prefab concrete, makes with molds design. Outside the homes bringing security towards the interior; while the interior face should be light.


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