Air-Traffic Control Tower at Salzburg Airport

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Air-Traffic Control Tower at Salzburg Airport
Guiding principle: The main thought behind the design has been to create a sculptural building. The crystal-like appearance generates a homogeneous interaction with its surroundings, at the same time becoming a distinctive landmark. The structure, both of the tower as well as of the office building, can be highlited and visuals can be displayed on it. The appearance of the tower can change according to the requirements. Urban concept: The architectural design is based on the principle of dialogue between architecture and its environment at the airport Salzburg, in order to create a new Identity and a non-interchangeable image. The office building forms a unit with the tower, an impression of homogeneity is achieved. An elegant building with harmonic proportions is created. Functional solution: In each floor-starting from the ground floor up to the third floor- there are connections between the new and the old building. The tower-shaft itself functions as the vertical access and all supply shafts are located there. Its rectangular shape helps to reduce the surface area and the casting effort compared to the old, round shaft. Office building: The building is characterised by its clear conceptual design, transparency and high quality of the space. The office-volume fits in its style harmonically with the tower-building – an ensemble is created. Energy efficiency and economics: Not only the amelioration of the site and the room character of the tower, but also the modification at the heart of the tower, increases the efficiency. Through the highly thermally insulated the building is a low-energy building.


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