Air Cargo Center & Handling Center West VIE

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Air Cargo Center & Handling Center West VIE

Air Cargo and Handling Centre West


Urban integration

The cargo buildings contemplated in the master plan are being further developed on the basis of the existing halls and office buildings. The new Air Cargo- and Handling West- buildings accomplish all functions of a modern logistic business and insert harmonically into the increasing structure of the Vienna Airport. The three-storey office block’s progress geared to the alignment epitomises the logical redevelopment of the existing office buildings. The vertical layering - storage/offices - reflects the functional main concept whereby it constitutes an identification symbol by its shaping process.


Modular system

The compact and optimized Air Cargo and Handling Centre West regarding architecture, costs, building services and physics results from the additive combination of modules. The basic structure of the cargo hall with identical modules follows a strict grid, which can be extended in different building phases to the east and west.


Office buildings 

The building's distinctive appearance is achieved by the fixedly attached protruding anti glare lamellae, which also provide for a good view to the front areas at ideal shading. Insulated parapets partially with fixed glazing or aluminium elements to open in conjunction with the fixed anti glare lamellae supply the whole functional needs of the facades with the offices behind. The continuous exterior aluminium lamellae endow a unitary general view.


Appearance halls

The shed roof construction releases the horizontal room limitation upwards to illuminate the hall with optimal consistent north light. The facade is composed of insulated metallic panels supported by steel profile standards. A window strip for the hall’s indirect lighting also accentuates the cargo centre’s plain appearance. The illumination, ventilation and window surfaces are dimensioned according to the current working place regulations.


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