Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall

Nestled around a forest on mount Nam, the Ahn Jung-Geun Memorial Hall designed by south korean firm D•LIM Architects, is an environmentally efficient center dedicated to one of Korea's most famous patriots. Located on Namsan in Seoul, Korea the building's configuration of 12 cubic masses are clustered around a central void space. Extending upwards from a sunken base, half of the volume sits below the ground level - protecting the view shafts of the 40-foot tall trees that surround the site. During the day the structures stand tall, like spirits towering over the nearby old war shrine, while at night the hall turns into 12 brightly-burning lights as hundreds of thousands of people pay tribute to the well known independence activist, nationalist, and pan-asianist. The public building offers visitors a sensory experience with an atmosphere that encourages commemoration and contemplation. Prominent digital LED screens display ahn's legacy, projecting images and videos onto the interior spaces.

The orthogonally arranged volumes offer a high diversity of spaces with internal large openings. A three-storied centralized void space features a retractable skylight, which emits daylight and natural ventilation into the building. Sustainable design principles are applied throughout, with a double-layered skin in the assembly hall and polycarbonate panels to keep the inside temperature stable, as well as providing natural light. Water surrounding the site's perimeter falls down to the sunken floor level in summer helping to naturally cool the interior of the building. The translucent texture of the u-shaped glass facade accentuates light reflections and the surrounding greenery, enhancing the symbolic significance of the commemorative hall.


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