Agriculture House

Agriculture House is an atrium domicile building. The building was developed for LandbrugsRådgivning Østjylland (the East Jutland Agricultural Advisory Service), a special consultancy characterised by a very broad range of functions. As a result, the building must perform many different functions, from conference centre to modern consultancy offices where external customers can obtain the benefit of interdisciplinary expertise in an open and dynamic atmosphere.

The domicile is part of Horsens Business Park South, a major development of which this building comprises the first stage. The development is based on rectangular modules which can be combined in various ways, allowing the area to house office buildings of many different sizes and spatial configurations. The architectural vision for the area incorporates the wish to create variety and diversity within a framework which retains a number of basic qualities to secure harmony and wholeness. The building designs are thus based on a number of common features and principles which govern the orientation on the site, frontage lines, facade proportions, window design and depth of the building bodies.

Agriculture House comprises a "corner building" in the development, at the important junction between Vejlevej and Vestvejen. The building features a spatial diagonal between one corner and the arrival area in the opposite corner. At both corners, the building opens itself up with large glass panels and double-storey spaces. The facades conform to the general principles governing form and proportions in the development. The facade material is dark-oxidised zinc.


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