Aesop Ginza

Jo Nagasaka of Schemata gives a 35-year-old shoe shop a new brick interior, and new life

Long ago the owner of Milano Shoes in Tokyo applied brick tiles to the shop facade to create a "high-quality mood." But when new tenants moved in above the space they hated the bricks, an unconventional material in Japan, and painted over them. So upon designing a new space for the skincare company Aesop, Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office opted for a brick interior in honor of the original Milano Shoes.

Nagasaka chose red brick as the primary material for the interior of the Ginza store as a nod to the street's informal name—Red Brick Street—and to explore the possibilities of a utilitarian material uncommon in Japan. The bent copper demonstration sink pays homage to times when quality plumbing was treated with greater reverence. The resulting store design is bold, pragmatic and poetic.

This compact space has been designed by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture in collaboration with Aesop Creative Manager Hiroko Shiratori. Nagasaka also created Aesop Aoyama, Aesop's first Japanese signature store.

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