A futuristic hybrid of airplane terminal and shopping mall, Aeroville was designed by Philippe Chiambaretta/PCA as a new programmatic concept spread across a broad, low-slung surface of 110,000 square meters. This large new urban space is not intended to be a cathedral of mass travel for mass consumption. Instead, it is meant to revive social life, services and mixed-use activity for an area with 2,000,000 people running from the north of Paris to Compiègne.

The Aeroville program invents a new city center for the CDG airport area with a building shaped as a shopping mall inspired by the imagination of travel and harboring nearly 200 shops plus numerous services for travelers, airport staff and neighboring citizens. Given the rapid development of the airport area within the framework of the 'Grand Paris', Aeroville is synonymous with gathering and connectivity. Not only is it both a global and local project, but it also provides increased entertainment opportunities in a crowded region, as demonstrated by the 12 multiplex rooms which will be installed in collaboration with French film director and producer Luc Besson.

The new dynamic in historical city centers throughout the world is mainly the consequence of the decline of the traditional shopping mall scheme, and results, as in Tokyo, in the construction of spectacular flagship showrooms and shops, symbols of global merchandise traffic. Aeroville asserts itself via these luxurious flagships, whose names and logos, designed by the french graphic designers de Valence, appear as simple letters: A, E, R, O… original monogram symbols of high-end brands. The streets in the building, opened to the sky, invite everybody to daydream with their eyes guided by the aeroplane take-offs and landings… The laying of first stone took place Friday October 7 2011; its completion is planned for 2013.

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