Ada Shopping Center
ADA SHOPP?NG CENTER, ADAPAZARI, TURKEY Ada Shopping Center is located at the industrial district of Adapazari; on one of the main roads of the city. It is difficult to find a land plot consisting of large square meters for the construction of shopping center at the city center due to limitations of the building heights. The location of the land plot is situated at the regeneration area of the city. The land plot of the building is approximately 26.750 m², it has a total building area of 53.300 m², comprising hypermarket, shops, cinemas, cafes, food court and entertainment center. The location of the building in the industrial district guided to design the main entrances and facades with a warm approach. It is aimed to create an inviting and attractive building in the industrial district. Industrial materials are used at the facades facing the industrial areas. In the last decade, the shopping centers which are composed of various functions became the new social, commercial and cultural spaces in the cities. At the planning of the Ada Shopping Center, it is intended to create social gathering spaces which are seen deficient in the city. A large public square is designed at the entrance of the building for gathering and recreation area on the main road side. The main design criteria are guided by the shape of the land plot, the relationship with the environment and the function relations. The land plot is evaluated in an effective manner as a result of the necessity to build a horizontal building according to building regulations. The large public square and car parking area are created by backing out the building on the main façade and road direction. Thus, this enabled the perception from the environment. The circular surface on the main façade is designed to welcome the people approaching from the city and orienting the people to the side entrances. The boomerang shaped atrium is planned to guide the customers from the entrance to the interior and obtain an effective pedestrian flow. The building is planned on three floors including indoor parking on the basement floor, hypermarket, shops, food court and cinemas consisting on two commercial floors. The interior spatial organization of the building is composed of the main flow and a rectangular atrium with a street linking them. The main pedestrian flow is designed between the ground and first floors which are planned as commercial floors. The horizontal spaces are connected by the boomerang shaped flow; in addition the relations with the galleries are created by the escalators and bridges. At the design of the circulation, two parallel vertical circulation area is created that would be perceived from every point of the building. It is aimed to utilize optimum natural sun light at the interior of the building. The main façade is designed as a transparent surface as a result of planning the extroverted restaurants at the terrace of the building on the main facade. Designing the food court area as a transparent surface enabled to perceive the activity at the interior from the exterior and enabled the people to enjoy the sun light and the view. Customers are protected from direct sun light and heat as a result of supplying indirect sun light from the sides of the main skylight above the circulation area. The aim of the interior design of the building is to create a dynamic and enjoyable flow for customers. The flow is expressed at the interior with the framework of the roof. Wooden materials are used densely to create a warm interior. In conclusion, the building is aimed to contribute to the development of the area and the environment which is designed at the industrial district of Adapazari. It is believed that shopping centers are influencing the development of their environments not solely as commercial centers; but as social spaces.


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