Acasusso´s House
This project consists of housing designated for rent by a civil partnership (CCDH), which has commissioned the project with the aim of investing their resources in return for a monthly income, paid for by the operation of the institution.

It is not yet known who will inhabit the estate. The quantity and situation of the inhabitants will be determined at a later date.

The lot is a typical suburban area, located in the town of Acassuso, in the Province of Buenos Aires. It is 12 meters wide by 26 meters long, including a pool, as well as a small building in back which has been used as a service office and machinery room.
The size of the estate was set by the zoning code, and thus uses the maximum possible area allocated for construction: in an area of 281.62m2, with a floor surface area of 14.43m2, including a pool of 19.83m2, the project calls for a 36.04m2 semi-covered section and a 252.56m2 covered section on the ground floor and two upper floors.

The intention is to not completely divide the width of the bottom floor, in order to maintain the full length of the plot. This way, upon opening the door to the street, the viewer has a 26m long field of view and spatial continuity between the front gar...


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