Acasusso’s House
This recently completed housing project is located in a suburban area of Acassuso, Buenos Aires. The footprint of the building is 12m x 26m, incorporating a swimming pool, garden and a small service office and machinery room.
The building’s reinforced concrete structure has been deliberately exposed, while the floors are laid with eucalyptus wood strips from nearby cultivated forests. The facade of the house is constructed from anodized aluminium, incorporating hermetically sealed double glazed windows, to fully control ventilation and insulation. The windows have been fitted with external blinds to allow the moderation of natural daylight and heat via solar radiation while maintaining the privacy of the tenants.
The ground floor of the house has been designed as a shared public use space, incorporating a sitting and dining room. The second floor contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, and two undefined spaces with the potential to be converted into either bedrooms or studies. The building is supported using internal columns and inverted beams allowing for flexible open plan spaces which can be adapted to the tenants needs at any given time.



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