Abu Hanifa Mosque

The Abu Hanifah Mosque (Arabic: مسجد أبو حنيفة, masjid abū ḥanīfah or مسجد أبي حنيفة, masjid abī ḥanīfah‎) is one of the most prominent Sunni mosques in Baghdād, Iraq.

Abu Hanifah Mosque is built around the tomb of Abū Ḥanīfah an-Nuʿmān (often called "the Great Imam" (ألإمام الأعظم, al-imām al-aʿẓam)), the founder of the Ḥanafī madhhab or school of Islamic religious jurisprudence. It is located in the Sunni-dominated al-Aʿẓamiyyah (ألأعظمية, al-aʿẓamiyyah) quarter of Baghdad to the northeast of the city.



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